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Improvement of client's business processes

Bitinfo was founded in 2003. At the very beginning of our business, we provided services in the domain of Internet service providers. In parallel with the development of this service, we also developed software engineering, which today is one of the dominant services provided by the company.

Our team consists of a group of young people, highly committed to business goals. Our goal is to enable modern technology to facilitate and improve the business process of companies and individuals, trying to contribute to the efficiency of the work process through its implementation.

We strive to continue to provide highly professional services that contribute to the modernization of business in the future. In the process of providing our services, we complete the entire system from the creation of technical solutions, it`s implementation, to the provision of technical support and maintenance services.

Our goal is to always provide our maximum, constantly striving to increase the satisfaction of our clients through the level of services provided.

The modern telecommunications market is characterized by exceptional dynamism, to keep up with it, we are constantly striving to provide quality and innovative telecommunications solutions

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Long-term successful business and cooperation with a large number of successful companies.

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