Development and implementation of software platforms

In the field of software platforms, we offer comprehensive solutions for more efficient, optimal and more productive business. The application of these solutions leads to more efficient use of the company’s resources. Our software platforms are characterized by reliability, flexibility and ease of use. Also, there is the possibility to tailor software solutions to specific customer requirements. They are characterized by quick and easy implementation, as well as the availability of our technical service.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance services enable you to secure your residential and business building in the most efficient way, using the most modern video surveillance systems. We offer a complete conceptual video surveillance solution for your business and residential building that you can monitor from any location. Modern video surveillance systems can monitor all events in and around your residential and commercial building. We also offer the service of technical protection of your facilities by applying alarm systems. The entire system consists of cameras, storage equipment and video display where all components are interconnected.

Field technical support

Field technical support includes the design, implementation and maintenance of network infrastructure. Its stability is of great importance for the efficient operation of the company. Consulting on the procurement of IT equipment, identifying the needs of the company and developing solutions for the implementation of the network structure is an integral part of the service. Our teams are characterized by fast response to emergencies, fast and efficient problem solving. We also offer the service of designing a computer network and the entire network system, diagnosing faults and weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the network, as well as consulting on how to improve the existing network system.

Building passive optical networks

Optical cables are the main carrier of telecommunications and have a great application in households and business facilities, with the introduction of passive optical networks based on FTTH technology. Passive optical networks do not contain active equipment, they consist of optical fibers. In this way, the cost of connecting the end user is reduced and it is possible to respond to the growing demands for multimedia content and the Internet in terms of a constant increase in speed and stability of the flow.

Some of the basic benefits are:

  • Long distance transmission
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Better quality
  • Resistance to OMI / RFI

Development of local
area networks

The quality of a company’s business depends on the proper functioning of the computer network. We provide design and construction services for all types of computer networks in accordance with your needs. Development of a computer network includes cabling, extracting workstations and installing sockets, setting up and configuring network devices (router, switch, scanner, printer…), sharing the Internet connection between networked computers, installing and configuring servers, setting up security systems, adjusting user access levels.

Development and maintenance of wifi networks

Turnkey network design.

Recommendations for improving and optimizing existing networks.

Evaluation and optimization of current security measures.

Optimal setup of wireless access devices Radio planning. Spectrum analysis.

Wireless connection of remote locations. Point-to-Point WiFi links.

Bitinfo Digital Signage

In the time of digital advertising when every company finds ways to reach its users through new and innovative digital advertising channels, our company invests in advertising platforms and media that will help companies reach the desired users.

Managing campaigns (visual content – video ads and messages) from one place, fast change of campaigns, different campaigns in different facilities, simple communication across the platform, attractiveness in advertising, indoor and outdoor advertising are just some of the advantages of our Digital Signage platform.

In a word, Digital Signage is an ideal marketing tool for all types of public and commercial spaces where there is a need to communicate with the market.

Key benefits:

  • Direct interaction with users
  • Easier information retrieval, as well as better insight into which information, products and services are most in demand
  • Intended for 24/7 operation
  • Ability to manage applications remotely from a centralized location
  • Communication-friendly design
  • Automation in advertising

Bitinfo WiFi

Bitinfo WIFI service is intended for all business entities that want to provide quality Internet access to visitors to their facilities of interest for the placement of their services, while also achieving an additional channel of communication with its customers.

WiFi solution means covering your space with adequate wireless internet. When logging in to the platform after authentication, we place commercial messages of your brand or the brand that wants to be advertised in your facility.

It is a unique hot-spot system that combines free and functional WiFi Internet and the power of social networks, where it very easily allows free WiFi to turn into a powerful advertisement on all social media.

This site provides numerous opportunities to display brand advertising, as well as numerous opportunities to promote the company’s products and services.

Bitinfo Audio Streaming

Bitinfo Audio Streaming service is intended for all business entities that want full control over the audio content that is broadcast in their own or facilities of interest for the placement of goods and services.

Audio Streaming solution allows you easy control and always adequate and unique music. You can choose from many musical directions. We create playlists for you and update them continuously, and it is up to you to indulge in your work and enjoy it.

Manage your content or playlists via your mobile device from a remote location. It is up to you to create the messages and we will implement them in your radio.

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